In Their Own Voices: Searching for Lifelong Family Connections

In these video clips, kids, birth parents, foster parents, and practitioners talk about real experiences – challenges, setbacks, and victories – in building lifelong family connections.

Two Stories of Finding Permanence
In this clip from the Casey Foundation’s video series, former foster youth describe their experiences in foster care: One young woman explains how her foster parents’ willingness to stick with her through tough times helped her succeed in school and prepare herself for professional life. Another discusses how
being reunited with siblings helped to heal old wounds and bring new hope for the future.
Portraits of Permanence
This training video by Casey Family Services, the Casey Foundation's direct services agency, features families talking frankly about the challenges of ensuring permanence for children who have been in foster care.
Team Decisionmaking: Involving Family and Community in Child Welfare Decisions
This video from Casey's Family to Family initiative provides a look at team decisionmaking meetings and the benefits derived when placement decisions are made in partnership with parents, youth, community members, and other key stakeholders in a child’s life.
Families for Life
In this video by Casey Family Services, foster youth speak about the importance of having lifelong families they can turn to.
Voices of Youth: Supporting Adolescents in Foster Care
This video features a candid conversation with foster youth as they describe their experiences in the foster care system.
Make a Difference
The Make a Difference video was developed by the Oregon Department of Human Services as a tool for resource family recruitment and training. The video illustrates the value of birth parent/foster parent relationship building and offers examples of short-term and permanent foster care living arrangements.